Client Testimonials

“ My company was involved in an ongoing dispute with IRD culminating in a tax audit. Jacobsen Associates handled the negotiations with IRD. I was very pleased with the favourable outcome and their knowledge of the tax issues involved. A lawyer friend of mine present at the negotiations was also impressed and indicated that they were thinking of utilizing Jacobsen Associates expertise. ”


“ Our company is involved in a profitable retail enterprise that requires a significant loan funding facility running into millions. Jacobsen Associates have been extremely helpful in sourcing loan funding for our small finance company to enable us to maintain sales in a very difficult market. They also provided ongoing advise in the running and shaping of our company.

“ Jacobsen Associates have also assisted in providing advice and negotiating a buyout of a former buisiness partner under delicate circumstances. We were very pleased with the favourable outcome. ”


“ ...A.J. is always there when I need tax advice or even to bounce a business idea off of him ”


“ An exemplary professional accounting practice!!‎ ”


About Us

We are a full service Chartered Accountancy firm based in Mt. Eden, Auckland, New Zealand.  We provide full tax accounting, management accounting, trust accounting services.

Member, Institute of Chartered Accountants