Jacobsen Associates - Services

Our team has expertise in virtually all areas of accounting, banking, and tax law. Some of the regular services we provide include;

Packaging of financial statements

We prepare and package your complete set of financial statements, in order to enable you to comply with IRD requirements, or the regulatory standards of your industry.

Income tax advice

As tax accounting specialists we deliver up-to-date tax advice to all our valued clients.

Tax liaision with IRD

Having your Chartered Accountant deal with the IRD on your behalf may well result in an improved outcome.

Investment advice

Jacobsen Associates has total respect for our clients and their money. Jacobsen Associates supports and endorses the new rules that require more information be provided up-front by Investment Advisors. We can also provide introduction to second tier mortgage funders.

Ethical standards and client protection; As a member of the New Zealand Insititute of Chartered Accountants we are bound by a strong code of ethics supported by legislation which guarantees client protection.

Advice & structuring of business models

Jacobsen Associates tailors the best structure for your business goals and needs.

Management accounting, budgeting advice & review

In today's difficult trading environment it is essential for well run businesses to have up todate financial information so that informed decisions can be made.

We work with our clients to provide  full management accounting sevices which produce full monthly trading accounts with appropriate review and oversite of financial results and financial structures.

MFX Currency Trading

Personalised trading for investors in the international currency market and commodity indices. For further information email MFXtrading@hotmail.com.


About Us

We are a full service Chartered Accountancy firm based in Mt. Eden, Auckland, New Zealand.  We provide full tax accounting, management accounting, trust accounting services.

Member, Institute of Chartered Accountants